The vision of James Jacob Machobane


There are many ideas how to overcome hunger in Africa. Most of these approaches come from the rich countries in the north and are not appropriate to a sustainable development in Africa.

But Africa has its own know-how. Farmers in Lesotho prove that they are able to grow enough food on a local base, not depending on western high technology.

This was the dream of Lesotho's grand old man, James Jacob Machobane. He dedicated his whole life to find an African way in agriculture that gives an income even to the poorest farmers. Finally - after 50 years of fighting - his ideas are taking root...

This film shows, how farmers are trained in the Machobane method, how they are finding a new way out of misery. Join the grand old man, J.J. Machobane, to the fields; he introduces the farmers and the audience in an impressing way into his philosophy and methods.

A Documentary by Gabriela Neuhaus and Angelo Scudeletti